Vision & Values

The Flegg Values

Our Values are:

  • Kindness – To treat everyone within our community and beyond with kindness first and foremost. To treat everyone as an individual and to value what that uniqueness brings
  • Aspiration – To aspire to be the very best version of ourselves at all times and in everything that we do
  • Respect – To show respect for everyone and everything. To value ourselves, other people and our environment

Our values will be seen as a thread that runs through everything that we do, everyday.

The Flegg Vision

We aspire to be the best version of ourselves in everything that we do.

We aspire to be the school of choice for the local area and beyond, providing an excellent education for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds.

We aspire to help all pupils achieve their full potential through a personalised approach to learning.

We aspire to provide our pupils with opportunities to experience the world beyond Flegg and to provide them with the essential knowledge that will equip them for future success.

We aspire to be a community where kindness and respect are central to everyday life and where barriers to learning are removed.

Our ethos and values reflect those of Ormiston Academies Trust which can be found at