At Flegg High Ormiston Academy, we have a team of pastoral staff here to support your child’s wellbeing and welfare. We strongly believe that for students to achieve their full potential, they must feel safe, supported and challenged. As a result of this, we have an experienced team who are dedicated to supporting young people and their families, helping to remove any potential barriers they may face.

Form tutors help to support your child pastorally through daily contact in morning form, academic target-setting and also informally throughout the day around the academy. Any general queries can be directed to your child’s tutor because they are able to provide a more holistic view of how they are performing across the Academy. 

Our Year Leaders are responsible for leading their team of tutors and carry overall strategic responsibility for the pastoral care and academic progress of their students. Their role is to ensure high standards across all areas relating to their year groups; including curriculum, behaviour, attendance and progress. Any behaviour concerns should be directed towards Year Leaders. 

Year 7 Leader: Mr Maclean – [email protected]
Year 8 Leader: Mr Hallam – [email protected]
Year 9 Leader: Mr Nelson – [email protected]
Year 10 Leader: Mrs Williams-Barry – [email protected]
Year 11 Leader: Mr Bending – [email protected]

Year Leaders are well supported by their Pastoral Assistants. Their primary responsibility is to provide welfare and guidance support to both students and families, so that students can maintain their focus on learning. Any communication regarding medication, uniform, external agency involvement and welfare concerns should be directed to the Pastoral Assistant for your child’s year.

Year 7: Miss Head [email protected]
Year 8: Miss Martin [email protected]
Year 9: Miss Fogden [email protected]
Year 10: Miss Scott-Greenard [email protected]
Year 11: Miss Beggs [email protected]

Working in collaboration with the year teams to ensure the highest standards of student wellbeing are a range of other professionals within the pastoral team. These include:

Attendance Officer and Engagement Lead– provide support to students and families to ensure our students attend and succeed in school.

Raising Achievement Mentor – providing specialist academic, social, emotional and mental health support.

Safeguarding Team – liaises with staff, families and external organisations for all matters concerning child safeguarding.

Learning Mentor – delivers focussed 1:1 sessions to support young people who are experiencing particular challenges.