Assessment & Grading

At Flegg High Ormiston Academy, we believe that every student is capable of success. We believe that all students can and should make outstanding academic progress as well as leaving our Academy as responsible members of the community.

Key Stage 3:

Students will complete assessments in each subject according to their curriculums.  Assessment is important to enable us to assess what students know and understand.  It enables students and teachers to identify a student’s areas of strength and areas for development.  It helps us to understand how effectively the curriculum is delivered and for students to develop long term knowledge retention. 

Our approach to grading is research based.  At key stage three, students should understand what knowledge they have retained, however, at this stage it is difficult to flight path their grades to GCSE level.  Therefore, when students are assessed, they will be graded with their percentage score on that assessment.  In order for students to progress, the key is the feedback they are given following assessments.  We will report to parents three times per year with a snapshot of their assessment scores along with a class average percentage to give context to their assessment scores. 

Key stage 4:

Key stage 4 students are graded according to the course they are studying.  At GCSE students are graded from 9 to 1 as shown in the image below.  Our vocational courses are graded from Level 2 Distinction* to Level 1 Pass as shown in the second image below.

Students are assessed throughout their courses and, again, we report three times per academic year.  In year 10 and 11 students have formal mock examinations, these are designed to support students in their preparation for their written exams in the summer of year 11, through identifying gaps in knowledge, building resilience in the longer exams and enabling students to feel comfortable and confident in the exam hall.  We have mock examinations in the summer of year 10, November and February in year 11.