Careers Guidance

Careers learning at Flegg has three aims:

Self-development through careers and work related education
Finding out about careers and the world of work
The development of skills for employability

This is delivered in lessons where teachers make links between the learning in specific subjects and the wider world of work; through the PHSE curriculum and co-curricular form time provision. As part of our form time provision all students will have the opportunity to take part in careers sessions utilising the STEPS careers education pathway following the CDI’s career development framework. Students also have the opportunity to experience wider activities which include engagement with employers, work based education and training to give young people insights into the world of work, visits to and by colleges and universities, workplace visits, work shadowing, talks, taking part in challenges and competitions and mock interviews.

Careers Lead: Mr D Guy –  [email protected]  01493 740349
Independent Careers Advisor – Ms R Watson [email protected]
Careers Coordinator – Mrs J Aldous [email protected]

The Careers team at Flegg High offer a range of career-related interventions which support our students to make choices and to develop their career thinking.

Independent careers advice and guidance is delivered by our IAG counsellor Rachel Watson through partnership with Beacon East.  Rachel is in the academy every Thursday offering careers appointments with students.  We prioritise students based on need and if you would like an appointment, please contact Mr Guy.

We also have a careers coordinator – Mrs Aldous who has a range of prospectuses within the library for student access.  She will also support with college applications for students.

Aspire Provision – explore career opportunities across Norfolk & Suffolk – short films about hundreds of different careers, how to write a cv, search for occupations or apprenticeships. – quiz, advice, help to build a career plan. – careers website for 13-19 year olds.  Explore careers, get the lowdown on employers, search for jobs, courses & advice. – career opportunities from science & maths. – what is it like to work for the NHS? 350 different roles & lots of real life career stories. – take the buzz quiz to find out what animal you are.  In under 5 minutes discover your strengths and what makes you tick and what you are like as a boyfriend/girlfriend. – Skills Builder recognises the vital role parents and carers have in helping their children to build their essential skills. The Skills Builder Universal Framework which provides a common language for building essential skills has been used to create Homezone especially for parents and carers.

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All information is correct at date of publication and will be reviewed and updated on the 8th November 2022 after feedback from students, parents/ carers and other academy stakeholders.