Severe Weather / Emergency Closure

Flegg High Ormison Academy will remain open unless a closure is absolutely necessary.

The academy must consider the safety of both students and staff travelling to and from the academy and safety when moving around the site.

If a decision is made to close the academy in the morning due to severe weather or an emergency, this will normally be taken by 7am and the message will be issued via: –

Local radio announcements;

Norfolk County Council – School Closures webpage;

A note on the home page of the school website

Flegg social media pages

A text message if possible

If the academy is open and the weather conditions deteriorate through the day causing difficulties with getting home, please make sure that your child knows how they should contact you and that you have nominated a place of safety where they can go (if not home).

We wish to reassure you that any decision about closing the academy will not be taken lightly.