Equality Statement

Equality Information & Objectives

At Flegg High Ormiston Academy we believe that every community member has a right to kindness and respect.  We are committed to developing young adults who will make a positive difference to the world. We aim:

  • To implement an ambitiousand creative curriculum which enables knowledge to be accumulated and applied successfully to ensure all students achieve well and are inspired
  • To develop all students socially and emotionally to enable all to make good choices about education and life, cultivating a supportiveand encouraging student body who are determined to succeed
  • To break down barriers to ensure that no student is disadvantaged and that all develop their cultural capital and are inspiredto be lifelong learners.

We value our community and are committed to serving its diverse needs. We recognise that this is multi-faith, multi-cultural and ever changing and know that we have a vital role to play in ensuring that groups or individuals are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation. We promote a culture of tolerance, respect and kindness. We celebrate the diversity within our community.

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all, and follow guidance to ensure that there will not be discrimination against any individual or group regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, political or financial status.

To achieve this, we have the following objectives:


  • To continue to develop tailored and individual support for any student that feels different and / or vulnerable through the work of the pastoral and SEN teams
  • To continue to work with a wide range of external agencies and to promote local and national programmes and campaigns to develop both student and staff understanding, awareness and empathy about issues such as bullying, domestic violence, mental illness
  • To use form time and the assembly programme to help students to explore difficult and complex issues in a safe environment
  • To ensure that all students have high expectations from their teachers to help them achieve their full potential through high quality teaching that stimulates and provides appropriate challenge
  • To regularly review rewards and sanctions to ensure that they are being applied fairly and consistently
  • To promote a culture of kindness through the use of kindness cards
  • To use data tracking to help to narrow the gap between all disadvantaged groups and their peers


  • To continue to promote a culture of being open, friendly and inclusive in which every individual feels supported and that their contribution is recognised and valued
  • To provide a high quality professional development programme that helps to develop every individual to achieve their professional goals and aspirations and to proactively identify groups who may experience barriers
  • To support staff well-being through a staff well-being group, and by providing access to a range of resources and training opportunities


  • To ensure that the Local Governing Body is diverse, Governors will actively seek to understand and help to overcome the barriers which might lead to some sections of our community being under-represented as Governors.