Gatsby Careers Benchmarks

Flegg High Ormiston Academy and the Gatsby Careers Benchmarks

The Gatsby Careers Benchmarks define world-class career guidance and were developed on behalf of Gatsby by Sir John Holman as part of an international study. The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines about what makes the best careers provision in schools and colleges.

BenchmarkDescription of benchmarkExamples of how we meet the benchmark
Benchmark 1
Stable careers
A programme of Careers education and guidance that is known by pupils, teachers, governors and employersProgramme approved by Governors and Senior Leadership Team
Information on website
Programme monitored and resourced
Inspire document summary
Careers Development Plan
Benchmark 2
Learning from career and
labour market information
Pupils and parents have access to up to date career and labour market informationStudent access to Help You Choose
Careers Fair
Guidance interviews
Benchmark 3
Addressing the needs
of each student
Programme that is tailored to meet student needs; raises aspirations and challenges stereotypes.  Good records of students and their destinationsSTEM work, speakers; work during Futures week.
Destinations data, close work with Local Authority, maintaining contact with Year 11 after they have left. Bespoke support for some students.
Benchmark 4
Linking curriculum learning to Careers
Careers and enterprise education part of student lessons, linking curriculum to real world of workFutures week for Year 10 students, author visits and theatre visits- English.
Benchmark 5
Encounters with employers
All students should have encounters with employers and employeesYear 10 work shadowing
Employer workshops
Careers Fair
Speakers at assemblies and awards- ex-Flegg students used
Benchmark 6
Experiences of workplaces
Students experience the workplace environmentYear 8 ambassadors- all Year 8’s do a job in school for a day
Year 10work shadowing- all Year 100’s have the opportunity to do 2 days of work shadowing
Benchmark 7
Encounters with further and higher education
Students have encounters with colleges, Universities and training providers. Students learn about ApprenticeshipsYear 10 taster day at Sixth Form college
Year 11 college visits (2)
Visits to Universities
Brilliant Club
Benchmark 8
Personal Guidance
Every student has opportunity for guidance interview with qualified guidance advisorEvery Year 11 has at least one guidance interview
Targeted guidance support for other students