Trips & Visits

At Flegg High Ormiston Academy, we are aspirational for our students.  We believe that our students should experience and understand their locality around them, the wider area and the world.  We believe that our education should provide students with the cultural opportunities to develop them personally and leave them with the capital to be good human beings who have a good understanding of the world.  As part of our enriching education, we offer educational visits in each year group. 

A selection of trips from our offer for each year group is listed below, we haven’t included the regular sporting fixtures and tournaments and the musical events where our students perform externally: 

 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 
Autumn Term Hippodrome Pantomime Hippodrome Hippodrome Adventurous activity 
Spring Term Bugz UK    Move It Move It Battlefields Ypres  Move It Ski Trip 
Move It 
Ski Trip   
Summer Term  Year 8 Camp  Geography GCSE trip Prom